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We are the Premiere Truck Freight Shipping Company Serving the Western United States

Teocal Transport Inc. is proud to provide premium freight trucking services to the San Francisco, CA area. When you hire us to move your freight, you are hiring the best trucking company in the local community.

Freight shipping makes the business world run. If you can’t get your materials in a timely fashion, your ability to provide your customers with what they need is affected, and you run the risk of losing thousands of dollars in revenue. That is why Teocal Transport Inc. makes every effort to meet all your freight shipping needs as quickly as possible.

We offer freight delivery to the San Francisco, CA area and beyond, so no matter where you need to ship your items, we will be able to help. We offer many different shipping options, including:

• Over-sized items
• Specialized equipment
• Shock Sensitive Loads

We also offer partial shipment freight trucking for shipments that will not fill a whole truck. Teocal Transport Inc. knows that even though you may not have enough materials to fill a whole truck, you still need reliable delivery service. Call for a freight quote on full or partial shipments!

Teocal Transport Inc. supports all of its shipments with extra care and security, so you can rest assured that your goods will arrive safely. Our security measures include:

• Planning for shipment disruptions and delays, including truck transfers and alternative shipping routes.
• GPS tracking of our truck so you always know where your shipment is.
• Direct communication with each of our drivers in case of emergency or change of plans.
• Security seals so you know you that your products have not been tampered with or opened.

If you are a business or individual in need of fast and reliable freight trucking, be sure to schedule a pick up or delivery with Teocal Transport Inc. as soon as possible and we will gladly get your goods to where they need to be, and at a price that won’t break your budget.

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