Crossing State Lines: Rules and Requirements for Western Interstate Trucking

A red semi truck driving down a highway while crossing state lines.

The allure of the open road, the promise of new horizons, and the thrill of crossing state lines – this is the lifeblood of interstate trucking. But as any seasoned driver or logistics manager knows, crossing from one state to another isn’t as simple as just driving over a border. It comes with its own […]

The Health Crisis Looming Over Longhaul Truck Drivers

A man sitting in the driver's seat of a truck faces a looming health crisis.

The open road, the hum of a powerful engine, and the vast landscapes stretching out in every direction – this is the life of a longhaul and over-the-road truck driver. But beneath the romanticized image of trucking lies a concerning reality. At a recent session of the 2023 Transportation Research Board held on January 11th, […]

A Day in the Life of a Western State Freight Dispatcher at Teocal Transport

A man sitting at a desk with multiple monitors, behind the scenes of a Western State Freight Dispatcher at Teocal Transport.

The vast expanse of the western states, with its picturesque landscapes and open highways, paints a romantic picture of the trucking industry. Those massive 18-wheelers, cruising under the vast sky, represent freedom, adventure, and the backbone of our nation’s commerce. However, behind every roaring engine and every successful delivery, there’s an intricate dance of coordination, […]

Electric Trucks are coming to California

A man standing in front of a semi truck in California.

A decade ago, Simon was working for a company that produced hybrid trucks whose fuel economy was marginally better than those of conventional diesel-powered vehicles.

There is a Freight Transport Driver Shortage

A man driving a semi truck on a highway in California.

According to the American Trucking Associations, by the end of this year, the trucking industry will be short 48,000 drivers. And by 2024, that shortage is expected to reach 174,000 drivers. The shortage is a vise around the industry’s neck. Some fleets, including Chattanooga-based Covenant Transport and U.S. Xpress, have struggled at times to put […]